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The ABF has been supporting artists for over 200 years. Today, our aim is to enable artists to launch, develop and sustain a professional career.

The Charitable objectives of the ABF were updated within the last 15 years when the then trustees agreed to prioritise supporting the needs of emerging artists, those artists who face social, cultural and economic barriers in embarking on their professional careers. At this point the ABF established a program of activity under the title of Step Change Program making grant awards to artists through working in partnership with universities in England and Wales. Following a review of the scheme in 2021, the Trustees are reprofiling the program for operation over 2022-23.

ABF currently receives donations and gifts on a rolling basis. In 2022 the ABF will be the recipient of a major bequest which will significantly increase our investments to a value of circa £1.5M.

ABF is led by six independent Trustees with a wide range of experience across the arts and culture sectors including academic, gallery and industry backgrounds, who operate in a voluntary capacity. ABF engages the services of a Secretary and Program Co-ordinator for the Step Change Program in the delivery of its functions.

Over the last months the Trustees have been engaged in careful consideration of all the options for the future and have decided that they wish to establish a strong and distinctive program based on a financially sustainable model that will take the trust forward into the next 200 years.

The Trustees are seeking help and support to establish how best this might be achieved.

Strategic Development Plan: Consultant Brief

ABF, Artists’ Benevolent Fund is seeking to engage a freelance consultant to support the ABF in devising and detailing a Strategic Development Plan† The Consultant/s will need Director level experience and operational project management in the arts/cultural sector. They will also need to demonstrate a strong understanding and experience of what needs to be included in constructing viable marketing and communications and fundraising plans to support Development Plan ambitions. Awareness/understanding of comparable schemes and initiatives designed to support emerging artists within the visual arts would be an advantage.

The Consultant will:
• Work with the Trustees in the clarification of the long-term vision in order to ensure the sustainable future of the ABF.
• Set out recommendations on how best to develop a future program and activities for the benefit, not just of the recipients, but also for the ABF and its sustainable future.
• Scope and cost a deliverable action plan (including activity programme) with a detailed option analysis to deliver this strategy.
• Determine a fundraising strategy to support the ABF going forward with an action plan for its implementation.
• Determine a marketing and communications strategy to support the ABF going forward with an action plan for its implementation.
• Identify and make an initial assessment of the potential for future program partnerships for the ABF.
• Make costed recommendations for the future staffing of the ABF to enable effective implementation of these agreed plans.
• Report to the Trustees monthly to report progress and gain their input.

Project Value & Duration
It is anticipated that this work should take approximately six months and be remunerated by a fixed fee of £25,000 plus agreed expenses.

Invitations to bid for the 6-month contract are invited from interested parties and should be addressed to: Helen Felcey, Secretary to the Board of Trustees,

Bids should include:
• A proposal describing your relevant experience and skills that you would bring to the project.
• An outline of your approach, structure and timetable for the project.
• An accompanying resume.
• The names and contact details of two referees.

Closing Date
24 Jul 2022
All inquiries to:

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