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SPRING LAKE — Nearly 22 years ago, Debra Rizzi and her husband Keith left their careers at New York City communications giant, Porter Novelli, to launch their own brand-led marketing agency: Rizco. While the firm was established in New York City, the owners felt their true home was on the Jersey Shore.

“On one hand, we knew we wanted to raise our daughters at the Shore, but on the other, having an NYC address meant you were successful in the marketing world at the time,” said Mrs. Rizzi. “We truly thought, ‘Are we going to make it?’ But we took the chance.”

The Rizco team officially opened shop in Manasquan in 2006 and then moved to Spring Lake in 2016. In 2021, facing the same unprecedented circumstances as many businesses, the Rizzis made another bold move– they went fully remote, forever.


“Going remote was on our radar for a while, but during the lockdown, we learned that we really can stay connected via technology,” said Mrs. Rizzi. “By going fully remote, we are able to provide a higher level of work life balance for our employees. Working remotely gives our team members the flexibility to get their work done where they are most productive while also getting to spend time with their families.”

COURTESY OF RIZCO Rizco went fully virtual in December of 2021 and hasn’t looked back. The Rizco team is based throughout New Jersey but still finds time to meet in-person.

Rizco’s remote workforce is located between Little Silver and Atlantic City and includes ten veteran marketing professionals. The company helps its clients elevate their business through creative marketing and design strategies that are fueled by research and focused on results.

The agency leverages its core competencies– branding, web design and digital marketing– to support clients in their marketing efforts. The agency uses a proprietary research-based process to build a brand’s voice, or, how a brand should sound across written collateral, how it should show up visually and deciding where it should show up to reach as many current and potential customers as possible. The team then executes on that vision with a lean, experienced team.

“One of the things that sets us apart from our competition is the way we work,” said Mrs. Rizzi. “We build ‘pods’ of three team members who are working on each client, to ensure that they are fully covered across our service areas and expertise.”

She continued, “Because we’re a small firm, we only have the A-Team. Sometimes agencies will go into a new business pitch with a very senior team and then give clients a more junior one, a B-Team, but we pride ourselves on being transparent with our client partners and on having a small team of just the best. ”

The small and mighty team is bound together by more than the work that they do. They live the company values ​​of creativity, quality, leadership, knowledge, professionalism and altruism in everything that they do.

“Building relationships and giving back to the community is ingrained in our culture,” said Mrs. Rizzi. “You don’t get where you are without the help of others, so we return the favor through public speaking, mentorships and internships. We support several non-profit organizations and donate our time towards many others, including team members serving as board members for the Wall Crimson Knights Foundation and the Wall High School Business and Finance Academy.”

The agency supports non-profits including: LADACIN Network, Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide, Victor Zando Foundation, Michael’s Feat, Community in Crisis, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Coastal & Northern New Jersey, Thea’s Star of Hope and Partnership to End Addiction . In addition to the aforementioned board positions held by agency team members, the organization donates its time to Professional Women in Construction, the Jersey Shore Chamber of Commerce and the Toms River Chamber of Commerce.

Aside from its charitable work, the company lives its values ​​through doing marketing for themselves.

“We recently underwent a major rebrand, and it definitely raised eyebrows,” said Mrs. Rizzi. “But we went back to our own process and we realized we apply our best practices for clients to the way we train and develop our staff, so why weren’t we doing it with the way we treat our brand?”

She continued, “The new logo is particularly meaningful– the three squares interlocked to create the ‘R’ represent our three core competencies, and the three players working on behalf of each team member. The blank space within the squares creates an upwards arrow, representing the trajectory we put our clients on, and the perimeter of the squares is a playing field, where the team of three is playing their best game for our clients.”

Some of the clients on Rizco’s roster are familiar names to Jersey shore locals, including Campi Dental, Puharic and Associates, Inc., Commercial Flooring & Interior Concepts, Oceantec and Winston, which Rizco rebranded before it was absorbed by Brown & Brown last year.

“Particularly in working with local brands, it’s about more than just growing our business– it’s about being ingrained in the local economy and community,” said Mrs. Rizzi. “With prices going up everywhere, companies need to make their marketing dollars count more than ever, and we love being able to carve that pathway very clearly for business owners.”

For more information on Rizco, visit rizco.com.

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