Hospital CEO Reports $2 Million In Grants At MVRH


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Mesa View Hospital CEO Kelly Adams (left) was the featured speaker at last week’s Mesquite Chamber luncheon. Here is pictured at the lunch with Chamber President/CEO Carol Kolson (center) and Chamber Board Chair Tony Stipanov (right). PHOTO BY BOBBIE GREEN/The Progress

Members of the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce heard a report about significant updates at Mesa View Regional Hospital (MVRH) during a monthly membership luncheon held on Wednesday, June 8 at the Oasis Grill Room. Speaking at the event was hospital CEO Kelly Adams.

Adams announced that Mesa View had received a major grant from the Leona Helmsley Charitable Trust Foundation of $1.7 million, as well as another smaller grant of $260,000.

With the Helmsley Grant the hospital has purchased all new updated imaging equipment and converted all images to digital. That makes them more easily accessible to all doctors and Intermountain Heath Care providers via computer.

The smaller grant has allowed for purchasing all new lab equipment at the hospital. Adams said this is a major boost to the hospital now being able, on-site and quickly, analyze chemicals needed to combat illness.

MVRH Director of Development and Marketing Rob Fuller, said, “Because of Adams’ extensive background in the medical administration and his business relationships through the past years have played a big part in getting these grants.”

Adams originally came to MVRH in December of 2020, as a traveling troubleshooter whose role was to help struggling rural hospitals get back on track. He began the post as an interim CEO. But he has decided to stay and is now the permanent CEO of MVRH.

Another new item at the Hospital courtesy of Centers for Disease Control, is a COVID testing kit vending machine. This machine which dispenses free testing kits, is available to address the disparity within the population. It is located in the hospital near the Emergency entrance.
“An individual may get up to five test kits per month,” Adams said.

Another similar vending machine is expected to be installed soon at the Quick Care facility on Hillside Drive.

Users can register on-line to get a code at or you can get a QR code at the vending machine itself. The kit is an antigen swab test.

Adams also announced that Mesa View will be extending the open hours of the Quick Care in the fall.
Other services are also expected to see expansion as well. “You have asked me to keep your health care here, we are going down that road,” Adams said. “We are bringing in more cardiology services here and doctors.”

Adams had more good news to report. UNLV and UNR have asked to send their medical students to MVRH for a rotation of their internships. Adams said he was very excited about doing that. “Now that UNLV has shown recognition and interest in Mesa View, others are showing interest also,” said Adams.

Mesquite Fire Chief Jayson Andrus was in attendance at the luncheon. It took a moment to report that the Mesquite Fire and Rescue Department carried out a mass casualty exercise last month in conjunction with the hospital. He stated that hospital staff did a phenomenal job in the exercise.

Adams added that hospital staff works with police department, fire department and the state agencies, and have improved communications between all these agencies.
“We all want to be prepared in these uncertain times,” Andrus said.

Adams commented that the hospital has seen more patients under stress in the past seven months than in the past five years. He attributed this to COVID isolation restrictions. When working with stress-related state agency patients some require 24/7 watch and care, he said.

Like all local businesses MVRH needs more staff, Adams said. They are still looking for nurses and lab workers. Adams added that having more affordable housing available here would help bring more workers to the hospital and to the community.

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